Audio Jack Sampling Rate?

Charles Pax charles.pax at
Sun Sep 21 01:31:28 CEST 2008

The following two equations would give the position of the dry erase marker
relative to point A. (I may have mixed up my positive and negative
directions somewhere, but you get the picture.)

> d_Ax = (v_sound)sqrt(t_A^2 - t_B^2)
> d_Ay = h - (v_s^2)(t_B^2 - t_A^2)/(2h)

I just came up with this next idea as I was turning on the shower water. The
x and y position can then be translated into screen coordinates (after
calibration). This can then be passed through ReMoko to some other device.
Combine this with a projector and you have yourself a nice smart board.

-Charles Pax

P.S. I'm thinking about all this because the high school where I teach
physics gave me a $800 mimio device to aid a visually impaired student of
mine. The problem is that the mimio device only works with Windows and OS X
and I don't want to be limited in my operating system choices. i also think
it would be cool to beat the system and do the same thing with $40
off-the-self components.
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