I bought the FR for what I did not have - freedom (was: Re: funny comment from a user, in response to the question of whether FR works as a daily phone:)

yochaigal yochaigal at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 02:55:09 CEST 2008

Usable as a day phone??? I think the Fat and Dirty distro is completely
usable as a day phone... I should know (I use it every day with minimal
changes... any issues I have I just reflash).

Ajay Kumar wrote:
> Somewhat similar utility to what Brian said:
> On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 1:00 AM, Brian Wilson <brian at wildsong.biz> wrote:
>> They are targeted at "hospitality and healthcare" industry. They are
>> just WiFi phones, no GSM no Linux.
>> Both of these apps have staff that are constantly moving around and
>> don't have a desk phone.
> Similar scenario, on which I am working right now, is "Disaster
> Management"
> and "Relief Operations" and supplementing these activities using the FR.
>> Build an app that caters to these folks and adds together WiFi + GPS +
>> GSM
> For Disaster management, Sahana is a FOSS web application just made for
> this
> purpose which has been used in real world situations. Building a solution
> that caters to the similar needs of Disaster reporting and data collection
> could well be  very effective and useful for such critical solutions, with
> such a handy and powerful device.
>> For a hotel -- from the phone, check status of any room. Use the phone
>> as a master key for cleaning staff.
> The central Sahana server can keep track of On Field relief workers,
> broadcast them instructions or alerts based on their GPS location. Like,
> need to relocate and assign a different task ?
> Or say, urgently address a situation at a nearby location e.g. a victim
> who
> needs immediate help.
>> When a phone leaves the building (loses WiFi VOIP registration) switch
>> to GSM and note it in the server.
> This is a very kool thing to have, ideally we can communicate to the
> Sahana
> server over Wifi, GPRS, and SMS too. I wrote the SMS server side part,
> which
> i am still expanding.
> So you could just have a daemon running, which sends the GPS location of
> the
> Field Reporter, via an SMS in a timely manner. Acting like a real time GPS
> tracking for Sahana's system keeping track of all volunteers.
>  Moreover, there is currently a new module in development, by Dominic on
> the
> Sahana project, which is the Dead Body Tracking and Disaster Victim
> Identification (in short: DVI) for Sahana. This would include body search
> on
> the scene, one thing you would preferably carry a GPS-enabled handy data
> input device and a hand full of labels with you .The module should be
> enabled to mark found items on a scene map, e.g. a grid, that's what the
> search team usually does.
> The phone, could well be used for such a purpose, if it had a camera too,
> it
> could take pictures. And an app to generate Bar codes for each body. Later
> it can be connected to a printer to print the bar codes and fix them on
> the
> bodies.
> Just few more possibilities to the list :-)
> I am working on this project, which aims to use the FR as an effective
> Disaster reporting tool for Sahana, a FOSS Disaster management system [
> www.sahana.lk].
> GPS, Wifi are key hardware components to start off for this, and later we
> can use the other modes like SMS, GPRS to exchange data between the Sahana
> server and the phone using a client application.
> Providing the field volunteers with an easy to use, touch input based
> phone
> to do all the data activity saves a lot of hassles and increases effiency
> thus saving time. An important *thing* in such situations..
> Regards,
> Ajay Kumar
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