2008.9 Basic questions

Alex Fitzpatrick agfitzp.openmoko at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 03:40:53 CEST 2008

Iain B. Findleton wrote:
> And of course, the buggy software can hurt. Surprisingly, I activated
> swap on my FR and stability and periodic slowing have improved. Don't
> know why that should be, but there you are.
The answer there is to run top while using the phone... you'll see that 
it's running at pretty much at the limits of the 128MB built in.

Adding a swap file, while inefficient, will allow the kernel to swap 
unused pages to "disk" and allow more things to run, or at least lurch...

128MB is damned small these days... but then my first Linux box had 16MB 
of RAM, a 33Mhz CPU, a 100MB hard drive and a VGA card that could barely 
handle 800x600x 256 colors.


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