I bought the FR for what I did not have - freedom (was: Re: funny comment from a user, in response to the question of whether FR works as a daily phone:)

Kelvie Wong kelvie at ieee.org
Sun Sep 21 04:26:00 CEST 2008

On Saturday, September 20, 2008 17:55:09 yochaigal wrote:
> Usable as a day phone??? I think the Fat and Dirty distro is completely
> usable as a day phone... I should know (I use it every day with minimal
> changes... any issues I have I just reflash).

Same for me, minus the reflashing.  I've flashed the 20080913 version of it 
had haven't had to reflash it since that.  The battery lasts about an entire 
day with it (I charge it every night and have not had an issue).

The keyboard is rough to use though (with fingers); it takes me about 5-10 
minutes to type up a proper text message.  I'm pretty sure it would be faster 
with a multi-tap keypad (I have tried the Qtopia one though, and can type 
_really_ fast on it; probably faster than on my iPod touch).

I have had to reboot it probably 3-4 times during this one week period, 

Kelvie Wong

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