new version of the openmoko-panel-plugin 0.3

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Sun Sep 21 11:45:06 CEST 2008

I think he doesn't say more about the openmoko-panel-plugin because the
older versions are floating around this mailing list for quite some time. :)

It is a small xfce plugin to show and change the status of wlan, gps,
bluetooth, battery, gsm, usb and keyboard.
It is like the indicator bar of OM2008.8 at the top. It is really a
timesaver and now also shows the gsm state like strength and carrier
which zhone doesn't anymore.


Olivier Berger wrote:
> Sebastian Ohl <sebastian+ml.openmoko-community at> writes:
>> Hi everyone,
>> here is a new version of the panel plugin. 
> Care to be more explicit on what this can be ? ... either you're
> addressing the community at large and most probably want to provide a
> more detailed description of what the program is... or it's not on the
> right list, then ;)
> Regards.

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