SDL and status of 3d Acceleration?

Per Jonsson per.jonsson at
Sun Sep 21 12:35:55 CEST 2008

Al Johnson skrev:
> You understand correctly - currently there is no 3D acceleration in the Glamo 
> drivers. The documentation is under NDA so only Openmoko staff can write the 
> driver, and there are more important things for them to work on. duke3d is 
> just 2d, same as always.
Ok, thanks for the clarification.

It's a pity but I understand that it's probably the only way to get a 3d 

> SDL should be in the repositories:
> opkg list |grep -i sdl
> 2007.2 images included SDL-based games, sou you could start by having a look 
> at those. I've never done anything with SDL conI can't really say much more.
Thanks, I'll have a look.

It would probobly be very easy to port a lot of sdl games to the FR with 
those libraries in place.


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