Problems with SD boot of FSO, OM 2008.8, add /dev/mmcblk0... to distros?

Simon Matthews s.matthews at
Sun Sep 21 18:16:28 CEST 2008

> > card driver not reading some cards.  The mmcblk0p1, p2, etc. device files
> > actually will be autocreated whenever Linux thinks there are partitions
> > there, but the problem is that sometimes when it tries to read the partition
> > table of the card it fails to get any data, so it doesn't think any
> > partitions exist. 

Make sure you are running a kernel newer than the 4th of September which
starts the SD clock up on suspend. Wih this workaround i haven't had any
problems with corruption of my Sandisk 8GByte SDHC card

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