Audio Jack Sampling Rate?

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On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 4:26 AM, Neil Jerram <neiljerram at>wrote:

> Assuming I've understood this even half-way correctly...
> It sounds like the accuracy of your triangulation will be limited by
> the small size of the FR; and when you add in the hardware and
> software path latency, I wonder if this will work accurately enough.
> (I'm assuming the marker would be a few metres away from the FR, is
> that right?)

The precision would limited by the sampling rate of the Freerunner on the
mic-in channel. Pretty much everything else affecting the precision can be
controlled. The sampling rate is the limiting factor.

> I think that points in a similar direction to Al's comment, i.e.
> moving some of the solution outside the FR, over USB.  That would
> allow you to have more distance between the inputs, and so get more
> accuracy.

All the Freerunner would be needed for is processing the input of the
mic-in. The freerunner microphone isn't used. Imagine a stick with two
microphones glued 400 cm apart and connected to a audio cable. There is more
to it, but that's pretty much what it would look like.

-Charles Pax
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