[FSO] a couple of things

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at wendt.se
Sun Sep 21 22:23:43 CEST 2008


Playing with FSO is fun as always, but there are a couple of things that
hinders me from being "productive".

* I've failed to find dbus methods to call for sending SMS messages.

* I still can't use a keyboard via USB in X. This means I need a
computer to enter code.
Actually with FSO testing image of 20080921 (the 09:xx build) I can't
get my phone into USB host mode.

The steps I normally take is
* boot Fr
* ssh in via USB
* start bluetooth and set up IP connection
* dump USB cable
* try to get it into host mode (used to work)

* Finally, the lack of locale support for sv_SE.UTF-8 prevents me from
using the phone on a day-to-day basis. (Can't use IRC properly via ssh.)

* offset when X is rotated. xrandr -o 1

/ Fredrik
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