roguemoko at roguemoko at
Mon Sep 22 06:12:57 CEST 2008

Joel Newkirk wrote:
> Then I checked again under 2008.9 (fresh flash) at ten minutes uptime,
> after composing this message, and suddenly both are reading dynamic data
> again!!  I'm happy, but now I'm thoroughly confused, and somewhat worried
> as to what could have caused this in the first place...  (as well as
> irritated that I went through 6 complete reflashes before it reached a
> working state again, something like 6 hours wasted and nothing learned)

There seems to be something significant about uptime.  Until the system 
has been running for a while, I receive frequency warnings when running 
top and there is mild instability in certain areas.

Allowing the system to be up for some time seems to rectify all the 
problems I am seeing.

Googling the problem suggests that it may be a linux/arm specific thing.

As far as devices being dead, I wonder if it applies to more than the 
accelerometers ... ie. I've noticed that GPS straight after boot is next 
to useless but half an hour later I'll have no problems.

Out of habit I now leave the phone running as long as possible which 
means these problems are less than tangible ... but they may still exist 
and they may be broader, as I only use certain facilities.


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