Calendar program and sync it with my mac?

andi andi.platschek at
Mon Sep 22 15:10:04 CEST 2008

> It doesn't fulfill all your requirements but try openmoko-dates. I'm
> actually pretty impressed with the calendar part although it sometimes
> plays tricks on me. No todos however and it doesn't seem to support
> exceptions to recurring events and doesn't let them to be individually
> changed while keeping the rest of recurs intact. It has a solid
> interface however and it's quite usable at this stage. It also uses ics
> files for the events so these could be quite easily imported to your
> mac. Oh, I haven't find a way to set notifications eighter. Well, long
> story short, just try it.
I have copied the calendar.ics file with a test event to my pc, which 
then showed the event. but then I added
a new event on the pc and copied the file back, and the openmoko-dates 
did not show the new event... This is
annoying, because for syncing you need both ways ;-)
I already tried different calender programs (sunbird and dates) .

any ideas??


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