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Nicola Mfb nicola.mfb at
Mon Sep 22 18:28:42 CEST 2008

After experimenting with freerunner and trying to develop applications for
it I have some doubts.
I searched on the mailing-list, forums, wiki and so on, but I was not able
to retrieve some basic information that I need to continue this exciting
If someone answers on this I think a lot of people will appreciate, and I'll
be happy to update the wiki.

First of all, I'd like to have some clarifications about software stack
Actually, we have tree "main" distros: 2008.x, fso and qtopia.
Qtopia is very stable, but peoples seems to not prefer it as not community
based (I was not able to find qtopia 4.3.3 snapshot sources, but this is
another problem).
2008.x is based on an older qtopia fork patched for x11, using it's phone
server, dialer and settings.
In the om-oe-tree it seems there is no staging for qt/qtopia library, nor
documentation that explains how to develop qtopia/qt applications for 2008.x
(I hope I'm in error), so you cannot interact easly with qtopia stack.
You may use excellent qtopia offical SDK but your applications will not run
becouse they need a qpe server. You may bitbake qt4-free-x11, and build
applications against it, but i do not know if they are compatible with
libraries that provided by qtopia on x11 itself and if that oe recipie is
om-supported or is it there only from the oe fork. So it seems developing
over qtopia/2008.x is not encouraged (at least for external developers).
The last is FSO, it has documentation and is a very nice middleware and is
bleeding-edge. I may be in error again (if i am please ignore the next
assumptions!) but it seems as FSO is developed out of Fic or OpenMoko inc.,
directly on openembedded (some rumors about developers that left openmoko
and join fso).
The second doubt came as that om-oe-tree is a fork of oe-tree and is on a
different git server, why this? to  leave to openmoko official developers
the full control over it?
If some bitbake recipies need a fix, should the openmoko developers fix it
or the oe guy?
After that there are debian and other coming soon distros, as gentoo.
All these dependes above all on openmoko linux kernel, are the openmoko
developers the only writing/mantaining it? are oe guys involved too?
On the wiki i read that next openmoko release will be based on fso, so will
openmoko guy patch qtopia x11 to use dbus and avoid it's intertnal phone
server? if not why are they supporting the project?

I know this is a mix between "political" and technical questions, but please


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