Starting enlightenment development in python under ubuntu

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Mon Sep 22 18:54:18 CEST 2008

Dear list,

I have written a message yesterday, but didnt get through (cant see in
the web archive).
I have written a suggestion back in june (about shipped usb cable),
but never received either.

So I unsubscribed and re-subscribed to the mailing list. This time I omitted
the '+' character (automatic gmail 'tagging' feature) from my email address.

I hope I have a bigger chance this time.

Here is my yesterday's email:


As I see right now, If I want some real eyecandy on my future freerunner,
I better to start programming in enlightenment.

I earned a bit experience in pygtk programming, as I wrote a rather big
program for ease serial debugging. I use it under linux/windows. But
since the program what I want to write on the freerunner does not need
to be cross-platform, Im looking something tightly integrated and real

I use ubuntu 8.04 at home and windows xp at work. For pygtk my main
development machine is the windows xp one.

I looked at this page:

And it says for a simple hello world 'e' application I need
python-etk, python-efl.

Can somebody help me which ubuntu package is it?

(As enlightenment is not widely used, google didnt turn up any useful

If somebody knows any other resource/documentation please write it!

Thank you in advance,


As I see the current situation, enlightenment applications will be the
'core' applications. So the dialer, top menubar and everything will
be implemented in enlightenment.
The most useful application are written in gtk (tangogps, etc).
And qtopia provides the most complete telephony softwares. So it is like
a behemot.;-\

Am I see correctly? The enlightenment direction are still valid after Raster
quit Openmoko? Or the development stopped? In other words: Are anybody at
openmoko programming in etk/efl ?

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