Case mod feasible?

Breakable igalvelis at
Tue Sep 23 00:13:53 CEST 2008

I am just thinking to do a casemod for Freerunner.
Basically what I want is to add 4 rechargable AAA batteries and plug that
into usb port.
That gives me about 1200ma at 4.8v, which should comply with the USB
specification (5v),
would it not?
This should avoid the requirement for sophisticated electronics,
and extend the battery life to max 4x + 1 (the original battery).
While not overloading the form factor too much.
It could address the biggest issue in freerunner now - battery life.
Anybody thinks that this is not feasible or not worth doing for some reason?

PS:Waiting for the software to mature does not seem like a solution to me,
I would wait for the technological utopia to materialize instead ;)

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