2008.9 GPS

Abdelrazak Younes younes at lyx.org
Tue Sep 23 08:53:28 CEST 2008

On 23/09/2008 02:21, Sarton O'Brien wrote:

> The accuracy of the GPS seems to be ok. Tangogps reports the speed of my car
> almost to the kilometer :) ... which I didn't expect.

FYI, the accuracy of GPS velocity should be around 5 cm per second for 
the ublox GPS receiver, that is around 0.2 km per hour... So almost one 
km/h is pretty bad... not necessarily TangoGPS fault. Maybe something is 
badly configured in the GPS ship. Or maybe there is a sensible delay 
between when the velocity is calculated and when it is displayed by 
TangoGPS... Latency handling is very important in real-time navigation 


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