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Tue Sep 23 12:09:32 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Another similar question,compile kernel with OE
| I want to try the recent kernel-2.6 (andy's branch), and apply my own
| patches
| so write a recipe, and put it on my own overlay repository, build with OE
| all I want to to test is a kernel module, while using OE, seems that It
| will build all
| kernel tree, every time it will untar, compile .... and this is really
| time-consuming,
| is it possible to compile the only module I want.
| Or should I use "the old fashioned way",
| Guess OE is more suitable for distro release

This is normal for packaging, it will cook the whole thing that way.
It's generally what you want for packages and it proves that the set of
sources is complete as well.

If it doesn't make sense to add your module to the dist config (what's
the module?) you best bet is build from git, that way most of the .o
files won't need recooking between git pulls and it will be way faster
for you.

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