Extended battery pack

-stacy slm3095om at Millions.Ca
Tue Sep 23 20:29:50 CEST 2008

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 September 2008, Angus Ainslie wrote:
>> Why not just add the 47k resistor to the minty boost and then the
>> Freerunner will choose 1A fast charge ?
>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo_FreeRunner_GTA02_Hardware#Power_Design_Re
>> quirements
> IIRC it was suggested this mode should only be enabled for chargers that were 
> capable of supplying the full 1A. The mintyboost can't do this - you'll be 
> lucky even to reach 500mA.

The Linear Technology step up voltage converter is supposed to be able 
to do 600mA, it is the AA cells that seem to have a problem with 
supplying 500mA. They get a little toasty :-). The one I built to use D 
cells doesn't seem to have any issues with supplying 500mA.


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