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Tue Sep 23 22:01:55 CEST 2008

I am also starting to work on a project on Openmoko, and trying to gather
the same experience. So this is really guiding me ahead :-)
I tried looking at the wiki, and someone on the IRC told me, that is a place
which is highly unorganised and might contain old information too. And
reading through the mailing list archives is also messy, not that I do not
do that :-)
Since, I am a total newbie to Openmoko/developing on Linux, it becomes more
alien for me :-) to start.

Coming to the point, I would like your opinion on how should I go about the
application which I intend to develop. Link here:
Which is a Stand along application for the Sahana web based FOSS disaster
management system [].
Since there is no such existing solution which has totally exploited the
power of advanced mobile devices that we have now for Sahana, I am planning
to have the application run across various mobile devices as well. Just
because, Disaster Management area is a wide area where implementation is
done on anything and everything available and as per the skills of the
people involved in it. Like Sahana itself being a FOSS application which
started off a LAMP stack, and the developers work on the Linux environment,
the implementations mostly have been on windows..

Moreover for my application I want to use the following features:
1. Wifi - to automatically scan for access points and connect to them.
2. GPS - map plottings and sending GPS co-ordinates.
3. SMS - send SMS. Automated and manually typed ones through input screen.
Also i will be making my application generate sms messages based on user
inputs to send it to the server.
4. GPRS connection - as an alternative connection medium. To send the data
to the main server.
5. Store data locally on the memory card. Primarily, and option to synch it
with the main server when connection is available or when the phone can be
manually plugged into the computer/server via USB ?

Also, after setting up QEMU and following the MakeFile instructions for
Ubuntu i got the Qtopia build running. With 4 icons and on clicking them
nothing happens. Plus I also see "No Network"

Any suggestions on how to move ahead would be of great help.

Ajay Kumar
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