Concept arts. Interface - how I would like it to see.

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Wed Sep 24 00:16:26 CEST 2008

Dear Community,

As first, I want to say thank you for all your great job, by which I can do
what I do now.

Om2008.* is, (in my opinion!), not very comfortable in use (Qtopia goes way
better, but it is still not what I want). I mean - I know that versions we
have today are not supposed to look good, that everything can get changed
and the biggest prioritaire is to bring it all work flawlessly. I know and
I'm happy with it and I can't stand waiting for everything that lay ahead ;)

While having some free time, I decided to create some concept arts of
interface. They are created from what we can have today in Qtopia and Om,
but I have added some features and polished them a little. So.. here you go:

Main idea:

And concept arts.

What is your opinion? Say what you like, and what you don't? Make your own
pics, share it with us. Free the imagination!

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