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Wed Sep 24 03:00:39 CEST 2008

Tim Dobson wrote:
 >> For example: go to youtube -> download video to sd card -> transcode
it to
>> the needed format(how long does it take, by the way) -> watch it?
>> Is it useable?
>> Does someone watch videos often on the freerunner?
>> Are there any new developments for the video playback sinse that wiki page
>> is updated?
> you tube video are possible on the free runner. though not instantly...

Youtube is possible also without any transcoding... I can seee youtube
videos in my Freerunner without modifying the video and streaming it
directly from the web.

You only need to install mplayer from the official repositories. Then
for streaming directly the youtube video I use a php script I wrote long
time ago (when I discovered how to download the original quality video
format from YT, thing that now Google has blocked) [1], but you can use
also youtube-dl to get the real flv path.

Then do something like:
 mplayer -vo xv -fs -vf framestep=2 \

It should stream well. In some videos, if you seen them in landscape
mode, it's better to use framestep=3.

A wrapper "youtube-mplay" script could be:
if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ]; then
	echo "Specify a DISPLAY"
	exit 1

if [ -z "$1" ]; then
	echo "Specify a youtube video ID"
	exit 1

xres=$(expr "$(xrandr)" : ".*current \([0-9]\{3\}\)")

if [ $xres = "640" ]; then

mplayer -vo xv -fs -vf framestep=$fstep \

Using that you'll have only to do "youtube-mplay POiNqP4savI" ;)

Unfortunately the "flv" standard format is the best that we can stream
on FR. Mp4 formats are too bad or too good, also for mplayer-glamo!


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