[debian] Sephora 0.1 - Suggestions needed

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 09:32:38 CEST 2008

vale wrote:
> it would be nice, to have more control over gps. to see the status,
> satellites, do a warm / cold restart, time to first fix, like in the gps-ui
> for openmoko distribution. thats missing in debian and fso :(

Perfect, I am collecting ideas:

	Fix status
	Time to fist fix
	Warm / Cold restart

	Satellite time
	button to set the internal clock with satellite time
	button to set the internal clock with time token by internet

Thank you for your ideas, would like to see something else?


Michele Renda
> but thanks for this great program, can't wait to test it.
> best regards
> vale

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