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On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 10:01 PM, Ajay Kumar <ajuonline.2ed at>wrote:

> Also, after setting up QEMU and following the MakeFile instructions for
> Ubuntu i got the Qtopia build running. With 4 icons and on clicking them
> nothing happens. Plus I also see "No Network"

I think you are using an old "official" image as this is an old looking gui.
Try to build your image and flash qemu with that.
About your project it's a nice challenge. Which gui tookit are you going to

I'm waiting always for answers, in the meaning i'm doing some experiments i
want to report:

1) i bitbaked qt4-x11-free in order to have qt library in the staging area
of the asu oe tree, fixed my old, compiled my application
and moved to freerunner, when i launched it i got unknown zymbol
:_ZXXXXXXX:QTableModel (or similiar). So as i suspected before qt4-x11-free
is incompatible with qtopia-phone-x11 and should be cleaned from the forked
oe tree (if not, again why fork?), the second should provide staging files,
and a new bb class should be proviede (i'll open an issue track for this).
2) i tryed to build fso-image with the right makefile for two day, every
time i run make it updates repository with new stuff, so it's fail on
something different every time, for exemple desktop-file-utils not finding
glib-2.0-native, or fetch errors on kernel git and so on. I do not know if
the buildhost builds from scratch or not, as some errors may come out only
from scratch (it happened to me on python-etk-git on the asu tree, now it's
3) now i removed rm_work from my local.conf in asu tree and i'm rebitbaking
qtopia-phone-x11, in order to try to compile my application manually taking
qtopiamake, include, qmake, libraries and so on from the work dir!
4) i'm going to flash my phone with fso, as i like it uses directly the
oetree (there are a lot more and bleeding edge package)
5) i'm setupping oe.stable and trees with angstrom as distro, to try
to produce a package for fso, as i was not able yet to resolv step 2 and
build qt4-x11-free

I hope in the hours/days i will give you a feedback on all these
experiments! the nightmare continues :)

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