Concept arts. Interface - how I would like it to see.

Daniel Hedblom daniel at
Wed Sep 24 13:34:25 CEST 2008

I think this concept looks very good and it shows you have thought
about it thoroughly.

Starting from top to bottom,

The topmost area with signal levels and should be there all the time
but as small as possible because they steal screen estate.
The running apps area is the best way i can imagine to show what apps
are running and quickly and painlessly switch between them. Its pure
genius and i cant really think of a better way to do it.

Having the applications menu sliding in from the left should work
pretty well and allows it to use almost all of the screen to show
applications. I think the applications menu should split one or two
times in a tree structure to allow for big icons on phones with many
applications installed. That way you can easily start them without a
stylus. Perhaps one should put an icon for closing currently running
application here too.

Speed dial is nice and the big icons makes using phone functions
without a pen easy.

Overall i would really love a phone that looked like this.

The biggest gripe i have with mobiles right now is an easy way to see
what applications are running, switching between them and closing a
running application.


2008/9/24 wp <wpmaillist at>:
> Dear Community,
> As first, I want to say thank you for all your great job, by which I can do
> what I do now.
> Om2008.* is, (in my opinion!), not very comfortable in use (Qtopia goes way
> better, but it is still not what I want). I mean - I know that versions we
> have today are not supposed to look good, that everything can get changed
> and the biggest prioritaire is to bring it all work flawlessly. I know and
> I'm happy with it and I can't stand waiting for everything that lay ahead ;)
> While having some free time, I decided to create some concept arts of
> interface. They are created from what we can have today in Qtopia and Om,
> but I have added some features and polished them a little. So.. here you go:
> Main idea:
> And concept arts.
> What is your opinion? Say what you like, and what you don't? Make your own
> pics, share it with us. Free the imagination!
> WP
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