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Breakable igalvelis at
Wed Sep 24 14:59:12 CEST 2008

Anybody got any success for editing CAD files for the phone case?
Basically I am trying to get them open in brlcad (which seems to be the best
free CAD software ever),
without any success yet.
I had some success in VariCad demo (proprietary) where parts of the design
are imported using STEP format, but it does not seem good enough, as I see
about 50% of the shapes usually.
IGES on the other hand seems like a total dissaster.
The only solution I currently see is buying or pirating the Pro/ENGINEER to
edit or convert them  to brlcad .g format using the Pro/E to BRLCAD
converter plugin for Pro/ENGINEER from the brlcad suite. Buying or pirating
for this task is not the option I like.
Anybody that has a  Pro/ENGINEER license can assist with that?
There is a nice description how to do it in
in section 4.9 page 27 of pdf.
After this is done properly, maybe the BRLCAD to DXF converter can be used
improve accessibility of design files for those that have AutoCad.
If this issue wont be resolved I don't believe a community effort to build
on the openness
of the device will ever succeed.

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