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Andreas Fischer cyberfrag at
Wed Sep 24 16:47:37 CEST 2008

Breakable wrote:
> Hi,
> Anybody got any success for editing CAD files for the phone case?
> Basically I am trying to get them open in brlcad (which seems to be the
> best free CAD software ever),
> without any success yet.

Well... someone seems to have been successful nine days ago!?
Or is there something I don't get about that screenshot?


> I had some success in VariCad demo (proprietary) where parts of the
> design are imported using STEP format, but it does not seem good enough,
> as I see about 50% of the shapes usually.
> IGES on the other hand seems like a total dissaster.
> The only solution I currently see is buying or pirating the Pro/ENGINEER
> to edit or convert them  to brlcad .g format using the Pro/E to BRLCAD
> converter plugin for Pro/ENGINEER from the brlcad suite. Buying or
> pirating for this task is not the option I like.
> Anybody that has a  Pro/ENGINEER license can assist with that?
> There is a nice description how to do it in
> in section 4.9 page 27 of pdf.
> After this is done properly, maybe the BRLCAD to DXF converter can be
> used to
> improve accessibility of design files for those that have AutoCad.
> If this issue wont be resolved I don't believe a community effort to
> build on the openness
> of the device will ever succeed.
> Regards,
> Ignas
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