GPS Antenna at ebay

-stacy slm3095om at Millions.Ca
Wed Sep 24 17:30:01 CEST 2008

Christian Weßel wrote:
> I found a MMCX GPS antenna at ebay and want to know your statements
> about it:

I don't speak German, but I don't see a lot of technical details on that 
page; active antenna, magnetic, 5m cable. That is not a lot of 
information to go on. The key piece of information that seems to be 
missing is the voltage requirements for the antenna. Another important 
piece of information would be the signal gain.

As far as I know, the freerunner supplies 3 volts to the antenna. I have 
seen a lot of inexpensive antennae that will work with any voltage 
between 1.8V and 5V but I have also seen others that will only work with 5V.

I am cautious with ebay sellers who don't put basic technical 
information in the descriptions (unless they have a precise part #
and I know what the specs are. in that case I don't care if the seller 
knows :-)


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