[debian] openmoko-panel-plugin 0.4

Sebastian Ohl sebastian+ml.openmoko-community at ohl.name
Wed Sep 24 23:47:22 CEST 2008

Hi gents,

some words of what this is(as it produced some confusion last time:
The openmoko-panel-plugin is a gtk based plugin that draws the
powerstate of some FR hardware devices(i.e. gsm, gps) to a gtk based
panel. theses panels are used i.e. in xfce4. so you can enable or
disable the state of your gps receiver.

See a screenshot here: http://www.ohli.de/download/openmoko-panel.png

i just uploaded a new release (0.4) to my server. it can be downloaded

  * fixed many debianizing errors. 
  * adding more dependencies
  * fixed problems with different versions on my laptop :-(
  * the menu entry should reappear
  * click opens a context menu to toggle the powerstate
  * removed some icons until they are finaly working

the credit for the code changed goes to morlac.

thank you for the big feature requests in the last mails. some of them 
are already integrated into the code. but the code needs a big cleanup. 
so please be patient. i think i will need a weekend to integrate all your 
suggestions *g*  


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