CAD conversion and editing

Breakable igalvelis at
Thu Sep 25 00:32:53 CEST 2008

> It seems that I can't  (for the lag of a better word) "load" the brlcad 
> converter in Pro/E. The rather vague PDF calls for a file labeled *protk.dat* 
> that shoul reside inside a /pro_engineer/ directory in the brlcad branch. I 
> neither could find the file nor the directory. (I only tried the Windows 
> binary download of brlcad since I only have a Windows Pro/E license.)
> So if anybody has a source to a step-by-step instruction on how to do the 
> export from Pro/E, please let me know. Otherwise I will drop this conversion 
> (as Andreas pointed out the IGES conversion seems to work after all).
> Regards,
> Claus
Please take a look maybe this will help:
Even with IGES working (not for me yet), it might worth a try. Maybe a better quality can be achieved?

PS:I hope my mail application wont break the thread this time. I was getting it working for an hour now.

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