Concept arts. Interface - how I would like it to see.

DJDAS djdas at
Thu Sep 25 09:39:15 CEST 2008

Daniel Hedblom ha scritto:
> Expanding capabilities with gestures is nice and can add usability to
> a device. Using them as the default way of accomplish things makes the
> device very hard to use for a beginner.
That is why configuration dialogs were invented ;) there could be an 
option which let you choose to slide menus and shelves (or anything 
else) by click or gesture (or both :P )
> Having the only way of opening a menu or something only possible if
> you already know exactly what to do is a killer for usability.
> I think the main goal should be that anyone can pick a device up and
> use it without prior knowledge.
Sad to say but iPhone/iPodTouch teach this.... (I don't want to say it's 
the ONLY way to do GUIs, and for something I don't like them, but I saw 
a colleague of me using it as he was using a notepad or photo album in a 
very user friendly way...)

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