WIFI Connector Application

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 16:16:43 CEST 2008

Hello all,
    I'm looking for an application which if it exists great and if it 
don't exist I'll maybe try and implement it in C, if what I'm thinking 
is even possible. I've not done too much investigating into Wifi as I 
believe that it has its issues on the FR.

I've not tagged this email [2008.09] or anything. I'm using 2008.09 but 
I'll use this on any distro if it exists and if it has to be written I 
don't want to write it for a specific Distro.

The FreeRunner as you well know is a very mobile device. Given this 
mobility the wifi is potentially connecting to different networks all 
over the place. I'm looking for an application which can scan for wifi 
networks and compares the available SSIDs to a list of know SSIDs which 
is stored in? (database/file/whatever) The list of know SSID's should 
also contain the security details of the Network.

Now if the app is started and it finds a know Network it simply connects 
to that network using the stored security settings. If there is no know 
network available but there is an open network the App prompts the user 
to see if they want to connect to an open network. Perhaps in the coffee 

I don't know if the phone should periodically check for access points or 
whether it should only connect when prompted. Maybe along the top of the 
home screen there could be icons for a connectable wifi hotspot. If the 
user sees that they are connectible then they could start their browser 
and let it all work.

as I say I've not even started looking at FR Wifi as yet as I though 
there were problems. If the app I'm describing already exists sorry but 
please direct me. I want WIFI connection not to require the command 
line. Most people who buy phones will never use a command line ;-)

I use Ubuntu on my laptop and every time I go home to the parents place 
I have to tell Ubuntu to connect to their Wifi. I must have told it a 
million times ;-) You'd think it would know by now. Actually the App I'm 
describing could be used on my laptop as well. Two birds...

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