Concept arts. Interface - how I would like it to see.

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Thu Sep 25 18:16:30 CEST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:

>> really hard to scroll and not to miss and then, by so many scrolls
>> around, i usually accidentally trigger another app. I even tried
>> setting double tap :) What about paging while scrolling? Going up or
>> down given pages seems easier for me than having to scroll around and
>> always miss... or?
> i don't plane to touch the launcher as it is as it is just a filemanager icon
> view widget. i do intend to actually pretty much nuke it in favor of a much
> better launching mechanism/idea. not just launching apps too - though i now
> note that android is kin of doing this (put not just apps but contacts, clocks,
> calendars etc. on your "home screen" anywhere u like - and at any size). a
> launcher with a list of apps could be once such "desktop gadget" type

I like the idea.

And just for a useless opinion from me, the Nokia770 desktop had 
something like this. They allowed free positioning of elements with 
various sizes. The effect whas a cluttered appearance and a real pain to 
position the widgets in a nice way. And many of these elements wasted 
just some pixels too much to bring them into position next to each other 
with others.

Especially on a phone i would like the container to control size and 
placement of the gadgets.
The gadget designer could still decide how many 'units' he wants and 
shape his elements like tetris blocks but the container would enforce 
placement and size.

As i said, this is at the moment a useless idea. But i wanted to share 
my experience with a floating unconstrained gadget layout. *g*

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