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Georg Michelitsch gm_ail at
Thu Sep 25 22:49:47 CEST 2008

umaxx wrote on 09/25/2008 10:32 PM:
> hi,
> i guess it is possible to set a background image in 2008.9?
> how, where - which file?
> regards,
> joerg


I haven't tried 2008.9 yet but assuming its the same as in 2008.8 you
just need to decompile the theme file (using edje_decc)
~/.e/e/themes/*.edj or the system-wide default in
Have a look at the resulting output (should be a directory containing
images and an *.edc file) and change the background file if existant,
then recompile it using edje_cc and you're done.

Seemed quite a lot of work for me just to change a background but I've
discovered that E has a lot of differences compared to other desktop
environments and I'm starting to like the principle.
I just tried it on the theme found here and it worked out fine. Haven't
tried on the default one though - I don't even know if there's a
background image specified. Remember to use an image in 640x640 as
you'll be rotating your screen :)
Hope I could clear this to you and sorry for my sloppy English ;)


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