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On Thu, 25 Sep 2008 18:16:30 +0200 Tilman Baumann <tilman at> babbled:

> I like the idea.
> And just for a useless opinion from me, the Nokia770 desktop had 
> something like this. They allowed free positioning of elements with 
> various sizes. The effect whas a cluttered appearance and a real pain to 
> position the widgets in a nile and then puts a little show/ce way. And many of
> these elements wasted just some pixels too much to bring them into position
> next to each other with others.
> Especially on a phone i would like the container to control size and 
> placement of the gadgets.
> The gadget designer could still decide how many 'units' he wants and 
> shape his elements like tetris blocks but the container would enforce 
> placement and size.
> As i said, this is at the moment a useless idea. But i wanted to share 
> my experience with a floating unconstrained gadget layout. *g*

oh maemo just implemented this awfully! sure - core idea is there, but they had
no drag resistance (ie resist being dragged over another element for a it to
allow aligning of things easily) and no form of "auto arrange". ie i cant go
create a "vbox" or "hbox" then drag N elements into it and then let it
auto-arrange (or some hider that taks N elements and groups them into a v/hbox
or table and then shows/hides with a little control tab/button etc.)

it was very raw.

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