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Fri Sep 26 06:51:22 CEST 2008

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008 09:33:20 +0530, Kishore <kitts.mailinglists at>
wrote: (mercilessly snipped and interspersed with responses)
> I am new to this community. I just got myself the freerunner a couple of
> days back. I am a fairly experienced user of Linux/Debian/Kubuntu on
> the desktop and this is my first experience with something like the
> freerunner.

Welcome!  Roll up your sleeves and have some fun. :)

> 1) Get the wifi to connect. It currently invariably always says something
> like "Error: Unable to connect to the network" cover this.  It states that the GUI
"should work fairly well" in updated 2008.  I never had much success with
it, but honestly didn't try much in the past few weeks.  I've had best
success with "ifup eth0" in terminal, once I'd set up a good
wpa_supplicant.conf covering my WPA home AP, WPA work AP, unsecured work
AP, and falling back to any unsecured AP that would talk to it.

> 2) Get my GPS working. TangoGPS says no GPS found and "locations"
> says unable to get a fix. should
do the job.  You need gpsd installed and config altered
(GPS_DEV=/dev/ttySAC0), and you need to start gpsd, which you can do in

> 3) How do i exchange data between my PC and the FR so that i could
> push my MP3's and documents etc.

Simplest is probably sftp or scp. - although it finishes up by
stating that use as a USB storage device for the desktop is unsupported,
while that is in fact possible and fairly easy to achieve now.  (though it
only presents the microSD as a usb drive to the PC, or more precisely any
single partition - which should not be mounted on the Freerunner's
filesystem while shared)

> 4) A good music player, web browser and PDF reader.

I can't help on that one.  I toyed with the available media players and web
browsers several weeks ago and that was all.

> Thanks to everyone who made this product what it is. Over the next
> couple of months i wish to have my Qt apps i've written for the desktop
> ported to this platform. In that regard i have not read anywhere about it
> but i hope the USB port operates in host mode and i would need it to
> interface with certain USB (1.1) hardware.
> --
> Cheers!
> Kishore
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