Debian fails to boot after some reboots

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Fri Sep 26 10:29:39 CEST 2008

Hi list-members

"Craig B. Allen" <cba at> writes:

> There are some workarounds that seem to prevent this from happening,
> but I don't know whether they apply to Qtopia.
> See

Strange enough Qtopia seems "to know" that suspending is not good for
the SD-card. I don't know why, but every time I have a working Debian
system on the SD card, Qtopia refuses to suspend automatically (i.e.
the powermanagement settings are ignored). After I forced the first
suspend by 'apm -s', everything works like normal again. But then, the
SD card's boot partition is corrupted.

I tried the workaround with the 00sd_idleclk script which doesn't work
for me. Qtopia won't wake up again, and I have to remove the battery.
There is another workaround mentioned in ticket 1802: automatically
repairing the boot partition by a 'dd' command which is placed in
/etc/init.d/ This one works as expected. It's just a
little clumsy to have that command inside an init script, since one
has to reboot qtopia before one can boot the SD card. 

It would be better to have that command executed with every shutdown
of Qtopia. I'm not familiar with init and shutdown scripts. Can
anybody give me a hint, where to place that command (or a shell
script) in order to execute it automatically prior to every shutdown?

If it works, I will add that solution to the ticket's commentaries.


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