Qtopia 4.4 ?

Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Fri Sep 26 12:05:20 CEST 2008

Russell Hay wrote:
> Keen to try the Qtopia 4.4 image if/when it's available - does anyone 
> have an outlook? There are comments going back to June/July saying 
> 'coming soon'...

Only someone working in Qt Software. :)

4.4 is right around the corner.
It has dynamic rotation, webkit/example browser, a location API/example 
gps apps, Gtalk jabber thingy. and I cannot remember what else.

And something else that you'll have to read about when the announcement 
comes out.


Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Software Engineer, Systems Group, Qt Software, Nokia Pty Ltd

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