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On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Michael Tansella
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> > Hi Michael, and what's about using qt without dbus in 2009.x?
> > In /opt/Qtopia i found qt4 and qtopia phone libraries, how to build
> > applications with them?
> >
> > thanks
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> >      Nicola
> We would really prefer to use FSO and later SHR,

FSO should be the future, while the qtopia phone x11 part of 2008.x will be
ported to FSO or will be substituted by some other apps (Zhone?) i asked on
the list for this but got no answer. It would be nice to know this, but it
seems to be a secret actually.
Due to information lacking, personally (take it with care!) I suppose qtopia
phone x11 will be dropped, for two reason:
1) developing is encouraged on FSO
2) openmoko does not provide an SDK toolchain and OE support for the qtopia
part of 2008.x, for example there are no staging for qtopiamake, qmake and
so on in the openmoko oe build tree... you may always bitbake qt4-x11-free
that provides staging files, but these are incompatible with qtopia-core
library deployed on 2008.x

So it's right to use FSO for your application.
For Michael: i asked that to have some clarification only, as official
Qtopia SDK are incompatible with qtopia-on-x11 and i think qtopia on x11 is
not developed at Trolltech, so qtopia.net will not support it... right?

we are going to develop a indoor navigation system and perhaps have to add
> some sensors via Bluetooth or I²C and as I understand dbus would be great
> for
> sensor fusion.
> I tried to add the libs as mentioned in the wiki, but I wasn't successful.
> It
> would be very cool if someone could add the QT4 libs to the toolchain or
> could tell which packages are exactly needed, and I don't know how I can
> use
> qmake with the toolchain. Until now I have only developed QT with kdevelop.
> Geets
> Michael

Well, you may use OpenEmbedded, in the stable tree you have qt 4.3, in the
development tree you have qt 4.4.
FSO is based on the development tree of OE, so you may use the provided
makefile to build your images, qt4.4, and your application.
I was not yet able to do it yet as there are some issues, howewer was able
to build qt 4.3 on the stable branch of OE and some my applications, so it's
may be a little hard or confusing, but you can start developing.
In the meaning, if you want a stable and simple environment to start
developing, you may use the vmware based trolltech sdk, avoiding to use dbus
for the moment, and experimenting qt behavior on a small display while your
OE tree came up (it needs a lot of time!).
In your code you may use some conditional include to read sensors in other
ways than dbus on qtopia, and let the application be compatible with fso,
qtopia, and if openmoko provide support for 2008.x too.

Where may we start a wiki page on this argument (openmoko, openembedded,


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