Very interested onlooker

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Fri Sep 26 14:49:51 CEST 2008

> I have been on this list a few days and thought it only decent to
> introduce my presence.

Welcome then.

> Is the Freerunner able to run a PIM-like application (if so, what would
> that be)?

 Trolltech ported Qtopia to the FIC Neo Freerunner and 1973 phone,
I have never read about anybody daring to use evolution or kontact.

> Would I be able to take calls through Bluetooth (I have a Parrot Minikit
> handsfreeset in the car)?

Don't expect that to work automagically. Pairing with a Bluetooth handsfreeset 
and routing GSM to it can be made to work. Here is the recipe:

> Is there a possibility to install, for instance, Abiword on the
> Freerunner? I have seen in the archives and on the Wiki that people have
> installed Gentoo and Debian on the MicroSD card, so that sounds positive.

I have not read anything about Abiword on FreeRunner. Why anyone would use a 
smartphone for wordprocessing is beyond the understanding of mere a mortal 
like me. You need a real keyboard to do any serious typing.


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