Very interested onlooker

Paul paul at
Fri Sep 26 15:36:30 CEST 2008

Hello Minh (and others)

>  Trolltech ported Qtopia to the FIC Neo Freerunner and 1973 phone,
> I have never read about anybody daring to use evolution or kontact.
 From what I have seen online, about Qtopia, it looks good. Thank you.

> Don't expect that to work automagically. Pairing with a Bluetooth handsfreeset 
> and routing GSM to it can be made to work. Here is the recipe:
Great, that looks like it's feasible. No rocket science.

> I have not read anything about Abiword on FreeRunner. Why anyone would use a 
> smartphone for wordprocessing is beyond the understanding of mere a mortal 
> like me. You need a real keyboard to do any serious typing.

*grin* I need "something to write on" for some daily scribbles, like a 
short journal, once in a while. Abiword is not necessary, I don't need a 
full fledged wordprocessor. Just was wondering.

I think I have enough info now, for which I thank you very much!

 (off to order a Freerunner...)

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