[2008.9] What, no updates?...

Peter Mogensen apm at bigendian.dk
Sun Sep 28 12:01:09 CEST 2008

Dr. Morpheus wrote:
>> I get the impression updates are staged fairly well for stable. I use testing 
>> (and it runs fantatsic at the moment, can use as a daily phone) and updates 
>> are pushed pretty much every day.
> Testing = FSO / Zhone?

FSO release images are available here:

There's also a FSO-testing available here:

Zhone is just a demo-application for the FSO framework.
It does have some practical use as a phone-application though.
The framework (D-bus API/framework-daemon) is the primary product of FSO.

> If not, where do I get this? Are there testing
> feeds for 2008.9? If so, which one?




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