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>On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 3:32 AM, Petr Vanek
><vanous at> wrote:
>> [...] is there any
>> command that would set priority for next boot?
>hi petr,
>i don't see a recipe what you've asked but our wiki has some good
>details on u-boot:
>also see these two threads on the topic:
> and
>if all else fails you could construct a crude hack which overwrites
>the appropriate portion of nand with one of two known u-boot_env
>images: 1) "boot operating system foo by default" or 2) "boot
>operating system bar by default"
>there will be hassles, of course:
>- grep
>for "add env-variable"
>- see
>- beware a moving target :/ see
>good luck!
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thank you, i will look at it

Petr Vaněk

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