Dialer UI Design

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 11:28:22 CEST 2008

Hey all,

I'm just sending this out there for anyone working on a/the dialer UI.
At the moment with the qtopia (ergo, 2008.*) dialer the same part of
the screen is used for "answer call" as "end call", and since the UI
is laggy (see below), I naturally hit answer call a second time and as
a result hung up immediately. Probably should avoid this UI design
pitfall in future dialer (and other) interfaces.

A note on UI response times: 10ms should be the MAX response time,
anything that takes longer has just 10ms to let the user know it's
going to take longer (progress bar, hour glass, etc), otherwise the
reaction is disconnected from the action that caused it in the user's
mind and worse, the user will press the control again.


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