[FDOM 080927] Modem jokes on SIM entries

Linus Gasser ineiti at markas-al-nour.org
Tue Sep 30 08:03:41 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I'm running the latest FDOM (20080927) but still have a very annoying 
problem: my SIM-card is not read with regard to the address entries. If 
I go to the "Contacts", there is only written "Loading SIM" on top, but 
nothing shows. IIRC, this was no problem in ASU_0807.

Is there any way I can debug that to see where it stops? With the SIM 
not being loaded, I can neither call, nor receive calls, nor suspend. Or 
shall I do a binary search to see whether it's a special entry that 
causes this?

Thank you for any hint you may give me,


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