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> Nishit Dave wrote:
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> >     *yawn* Predujice...
> >
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> > *yawn* years of experience using yumex, Fedora and what not.  Carefully
> > considered Predijuice.
> Can you point to something specific that makes python unsuitable for a
> responsive GUI? I've seen unresponsive GUIs written with many languages,
> but it is generally a problem with the code not the language.
How about experience? I don't know about programming or system specifics,
but as a user, I have always found most programs written in python to be
prone to latency in screen redraws and freeze-ups.  You can test that on the
FR - just try Mofi, switch to say the home screen, and switch back.  You
will be able to see how long it takes before text appears.  I have seen this
happen everywhere.

Just from an efficiency point of view, don't you think a compiled program
may run better than an interpreted one on a system with limited hardware

Anyway, why do I bother...
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