[debian & gps] How to check gps

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 24 00:49:30 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 23 September 2008, Christian Weßel wrote:
> Hello,
> tangogps and fso-gpsd were installed from <http://ftp2.de.debian.org>,
> but I get no fix.
> In the Trip tab tango shows allways an alternating GPS Time (Tue
> 1999-11-30 00:00:00 or Fri 1999-11-31 01:00:00) and Satelites: 11/0. The
> rest is zero.
> The zhone internal gps appl. shows at the start view at all items N/A,
> and at the satelite view are about 10 satelites shown.
> The FR ran the whole evening next to a window in a wooden house, but it
> got no fix. I couldn't remove the SD card of using Debian installed on
> it :-}. Is my FR one of these ones with the SD card problem? Or is it
> also fixed by Debian distro?
> How can I check my GPS? How can I bring it up running?
> Sorry for all these question, but I couldn't find any solution in the
> wikis.

You could try a variation on the script at the bottom of the page below. 
You'll need to disable any gps daemon(s) you may have insstalled before 
running it or they'll conflict. The script was intended to find the effect of 
the SD clock idle and drive strength kernel settings, cycling through them in 
turn and measuring time to first fix. Be warned - it'll take a long time to 
complete if run unmodified! 


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