qt-extended-improved unpredictive keyboard

leonardo at lilik.it leonardo at lilik.it
Wed Apr 1 01:44:50 CEST 2009

hi all,

As I did for Qtopia, I’ve recompiled my un-predictive keyboard for
qt-extended-improved. It is a patched version of the matchbox keyboard
that comes with Qt made usable without a stylus.I’ve changed the layout
from last time I touched it :

    * I found out how to suppress the hints bar, that never had any real
use for me
    * I used wider picks to help people that do not play guitar and have
regular size nails :-)
    * In the sourcecode you can find an attempt to use screen rotation
(disabled now) to automatically switch to wide mode when sending sms. I
didn’t have time to make it work.

then you have to chose at each boot, the default one can not be changed.

if you want screenshots explain me how to have them with qtextended :-)

code&bin here:

I put the whole keyboard source dir in the zip but i think I have only
touched keyboardframe.cpp. I will send a patch for the git soon.


Key fingerprint = 2C20 A587 05AC 42E5 1292  D0D4 3EED CFB5 52FD AD1E

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