help for development in 5 minutes

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Apr 1 12:02:10 CEST 2009

> wget  
> sudo dpkg -i openmoko-toolchain_0.20080521-ubuntu6_i386.deb
> what I have to write instead of ubuntu6, if I'm working on Debian,

nothing different -- the "ubuntu6" comes frome the package (file) name and  
has to be there.
with wget you donwload a file with the name


to your current directory.
with dpkg -i you install that very same file -- thus the "ubuntu6" has to  
be there because it is part of the filename.

> and is not necessary to work as root user??

for installing packages you need to be root. either via login or su or  

reading your posts i've got the impression you are not very familiar with  
your linux/debian box -- it would probably be more sensible to get  
aquainted with your debian before trying anything more complex.

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