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> No, otimed sucks for a number of reasons (not the least being hard
> coded to an NTP server somewhere in Europe) so control like you are
> after is critical.

just wanted to follow up on this.
From the sample frameworkd.conf file:
# Subsystem configuration for otimed
# a list of time/zone sources to use or NONE
timesources = GPS,NTP
zonesources = GSM

It would be nice to change that at runtime, patches welcome. :-)

> In Perth Australia, vodafone appears to have my location set to Lord
> Howe Island - some 3000+ km away in the pacific - I am near the Indian
> Ocean.  As well, I suspect they are not sending local time, but time
> as it is in the eastern states (2hr diff).  Is there a way to get the
> gsm to print the data as to what it thinks it is? - some command in
> mickeyterm? - be nice to confirm and know what its actually doing as I
> certainly cant trust the FR to get it right.

Framework debugging should tell you.

> The freerunner by design seems unable to keep accurate time unless you
> are in Europe ...

Well, timekeeping is independent from that. The UTC time will stay
right no matter what timezone you're in.

Daniel Willmann
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