Solar panel on Freerunner back cover

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Thu Apr 2 10:17:23 CEST 2009

yesterday i found on internet company that is selling small
solar panel pieces. They are quite cheap and my idea is to
put them on back cover of Freerunner so that they can
improve battery life.

Here [1] is link to web page with informations about panels.

It's only in czech, so i can translate some basic paramteres:

Available sizes in mm:
51,2×51,2	51,2×25,6	51,2×20,4	51,2×17,1	51,2×14,6	51,2×11,0	51,2×10,5 
29,4×12,3	25,0×12,3

Volage (no-load):
0,57V for all variants

700	350	280	230	200	180	140	90	70

I'd like to have 7 pieces. Those could do 7*0.57=3.99V and
180uA current.

Would it be possible to attach output from this solar panel
straight to battery connector? Do you think that this can




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