Illume keyboard alternatives (to be default in distro?)

Pander pander at
Thu Apr 2 15:42:44 CEST 2009

Hi all,

At the moment some alternatives exist for the default Illume keyboards, see:
- illume-keyboards-default-alt
- illume-keyboards-numeric-alt
- illume-keyboards-browse
All being finger friendly

Also a styles terminal keyboard has been added that will support most of
north-western European languages: illume-keyboards-terminal-dutch-nl

I hope these can be included in SHR or even the default Illume build
soon. tickets for exist in both SHR and Illume trac but I hope this
posting can also accelerate things a bit.

Currently a post install and pre remove script will automatically hide
the default keyboard for which the installed one is an alternative. Try
them, judge for yourself and provide feedback if they are better than de
default one or where they can be improved.



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